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Our team of writers is made up of well-qualified tutors who hold degrees such as bachelors, masters, and PhDs. Our team of writers comprises highly qualified and experienced individuals who are conversant with all areas around academic essay writing. Before a writer can be hired into our team, our quality department takes them through a thorough recruitment exercise to ensure they meet all the requirements.

Within our personnel, we have an in-house quality assurance department that is tasked to regularly check the quality of essays written by our writers to ensure there is no compromise with the quality received by our clients. The quality assurance team rates the performance of our writers based on 3 tenets: quality of essay written, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. Writers who fail to meet the required standards in the three areas are fired from the team. In the years we have been providing academic help, we have been constantly been improving the quality of service provided by regularly training our writers. The regularly conducted training ensures our writers are up to date with any change in academic writing.

To keep our writers motivated, we offer bonuses based on ratings from our clients and performance review ratings by our quality assurance team. This strategy enables us to attract and retain some of the most qualified writers in this industry. To our clients, this translates to a consistent supply of quality papers that have made them stick with us for years. When you place an order with us, you can be sure that your order will be handled by a writer who is experienced, has the necessary academic credentials, and English is their first language.



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